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BrewDog taps into Asia with Seoul brewpub debut

Asia’s growing love of craft beer is attracting big names into the area as they try to get a foot in the door. The region seems to be on its way to become the next major front in the craft beer vs. multinational brewing wars; a battle that has so far ended with craft the victor in much of the western world.

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Scottish craft brewer Brewdog does not want to miss the boat as it just inaugurated its first flagship bar in Asia. The company chose Seoul to kick off its Asian expansion, after opening 6 new bars in the UK, one in Sweden and two in Columbus, Ohio. The South Korean city was not randomly picked. Indeed, the country quickly turned itself to be the craft beer hub of Asia with Seoul at the heart of this explosion. Moreover, it is no secret that Korea is a trendsetter among Asian countries.

Source: BrewDog

Located near Itaewon Station, the 500 square meter (5,381 square foot) store is the brand’s second BrewPub site and the first one to officially brew Brewdog beers outside of the UK and USA as it has been equipped with a 10-hector litre brew kit signed by Rolec, a German company specialized in brewing machinery. With 25 draft lines, the bar offers a selection of guest brews from local breweries along its BrewDog regulars.

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Over the last 10 years, the company has enjoyed a very rapid growth allowing it to export to more than 60 countries. An international expansion fostered by its record-breaking crowdfunding initiative, Equity for Punks, which has seen the brewery raise over $77.4 million since 2009.

A third brewing site in Brisbane, Australia, is the next opening in sight for the Aberdeenshire craft beer maker.