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Amorepacific opens outdoor public exhibition on Jeju


South Korea’s leading cosmetics company Amorepacific is holding an outdoor public exhibition on Jeju Island until October 14, featuring natural aspects of Jeju, like its volcanic topography.

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Titled “apmap 2018 jeju — volcanic island,” the exhibition is part of the company’s “amorepacific museum of art project (apmap),” which portrays the natural vitality of Jeju through contemporary artworks.

A total of 15 young artists and architects have participated in the exhibition, displaying artworks ranging from sculptures to media art inside the Osulloc Tea Museum on Jeju and outside in the museum’s garden.

Participating artists and art pieces include Lee Yong-ju and his work titled “Foldable House,” ADHD’s “Ply” and Hong Buhm’s “Veiled Grains and Layers.”

Lee’s “Foldable House” was inspired by the Jusangjeolli cliff, and “Ply” was inspired by lava, while “Veiled Grains and Layers” was inspired by the forests Saryeoni and Gotjawal.

The company said the exhibition would help visitors understand Jeju’s scenery in a new way and presents a special experience of art in one’s routine life.

Through art, visitors will rediscover Jeju’s picturesque landscape and scenery as depicted in the artists’ figurative language, and find moments of contemplation and rest, it added.

Osulloc Tea Museum on Jeju, opened in 2001 and features a cultural space where 1.8 million people visit each year.

The company has been running the art project apmap since 2013, to discover rising and unknown artists and support their experimental art creation. Exhibitions take place every four years in parts I and II. Each project aims to introduce new themes and artists.

From 2013 to 2016, apmap part I was held at Amorepacific venues including its product distribution center Beauty Campus located in Osan, Gyeonggi Province, in 2013, Jeju Island’s Seogwang Tea Garden in 2014, the research center Mizium in Yonging in 2015 and the new headquarters in 2016, which was designed by renowned artist David Chipperfield.
Part II, which kicked off last year, will be hosted until 2020 on Jeju Island, the company said.

Jeju Island was selected as a venue considering that contemporary artworks blend well with Jeju’s nature and landscape, the company said.

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The latest exhibition, which is a section of part II, began on August 11 and runs until October. Anyone who visits the Osulloc Tea Museum on Jeju can see the exhibition free of charge. More information about the company’s art project and the exhibition can be found at

(Source: Korean Herald )