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New concept for LACOSTE’s new travel retail store in Tokyo


Lacoste is pursuing its Asian expansion with the opening of a new travel-retail outlet within Lotte Duty Free Shop Ginza in Tokyo.

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The brand is, for the first time, introducing its new retail concept – “Le Club” – into Asia Pacific. The French word hints at the exclusivity and uniqueness of the location. With Le Club, Lacoste is biting the curiosity of both foreign visitors in Japan but also Japanese tourists traveling abroad.

Source : Lacoste

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For this 50sqm store, the crocodile has played on its authentic sportive roots, merging the brand’s and its creator’s core values. With a layout reminiscent of a tennis court, the customer is invited to dive into René Lacoste’s universe, founder and early 20th century tennis champ. Open in order to let the light in, the green concrete panel is a nod to René LACOSTE’s tennis practice wall. A whole new design which creates a unique human and customer experience.

One question is left to ask: What will be the crocodile’s next bite?

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