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Coca-Cola Japan entries alcoholic beverage market

Coca-Cola Japan Chuhai

Coca-Cola (Japan) Co. said that it will launch a canned “chuhai” spirits-based product nationwide on Oct. 28, making its full-fledged entry into the alcoholic beverage market.

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The lemon-based product, “Remondo,” currently available in the Kyushu southwestern region on a trial basis, will go on sale in all other parts of the country, excluding the island prefecture of Okinawa.

With chuhai products loved by people of many legal drinking ages, the company hopes to explore a new market at a time when growth in sales of its mainstay carbonated drinks has stalled amid increasing health consciousness and sluggish birthrates.

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Remondo comes in four types according to alcohol content, which ranges from 3 percent to 9 percent, and other characteristics. Japan will be the first market in which the Coca-Cola group will sell its own alcoholic drinks. Coca-Cola (Japan) has not revealed a sales target.

(Source: Japan News)