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IRVINS Salted Egg opens store at The Venetian Macao


IIRVINS Salted Egg, the premium salted egg brand hailing from Singapore, opened their first store in Macao at The Venetian Macao with a grand opening ceremony for invited guests and media.

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IRVINS Salted Egg is a brand synonymous to salted eggs and is the ultimate foodie souvenir for both connoisseurs and customers looking to sample the unique product.

It was also ranked as the top brand in the “8 Souvenir Snacks from Singapore to Bring
Home” by the Singapore Tourism Board earlier this year. The brand has achieved
many accolades including the “Best Choice for Salted Egg Snack”, as well as, the “Best
Cracker Snack People Can Find”.

Consistent with its promise of high quality, all snack products from IRVINS Salted Egg
are freshly manufactured in Singapore with no added preservatives. All products use all-natural ingredients including high quality duck eggs, with a red yolk that is rich in taste.

With a range of premium Salted Egg products including Fish Skin, Potato Chips, Cassava Chips and Crunchy Roll and an option to choose the original or spicy (Hot Boom) variant, these Dangerously Addictive Salted Egg snacks guarantee unforgettable satisfaction with every bite.

IRVINS Salted Egg opens store at The Venetian Macao
Source: Sands China

Its unique packaging allows customers to reseal the pouch for multiple consumption over several days, as well as making the snacks perfect souvenirs and gifts for loved ones. Unopened, the snacks are in good condition for consumption up to one year from production date.

“I am elated to be opening our brand-new store here at The Venetian Macao. This store
marks our biggest expansion yet and we are very proud to have such a premium
presence in one of the world’s fastest growing markets,”commented IRVINS’ founder and CEO Irvin Hasaka Yuga Gunawan.

“We look forward to our flagship store in The Venetian Macao to satisfy the snacking needs of all our fans in Macao and China as well as hundreds of other visitors from around the world that visit the integrated resort during their holiday,” he continued.

Founded in 2008 by Irvin Hasaka Yuga Gunawan, IRVINS Salted Egg is dedicated to the
development and sale of salted egg snacks, including salted egg fish skins and salted egg chips that are ‘Dangerously Addictive’.

IRVINs’s vision is to spread happiness throughout the world. It bends its backs to create happiness for customers through delightful experience, Dangerously Addictive salted egg snacks and innovative culture.

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At present, the company has over 20 branches worldwide, located in Singapore, Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, and Taiwan. It also provides online reservation and purchase services for customers.