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Innisfree opens upcycling store pop-up exhibition in Seoul

South Korean naturalistic beauty brand Innisfree unveiled “HOME SWEET HOME” pop-up exhibition at the “Empty Bottle Space” in Seoul early February, advocating the value of sustainable paper products and conveying the concept of recycling to consumers.

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Since Innisfree launched the “Empty Bottle Recycling Campaign” in 2003, it has used recycled plastic empty bottles to make cosmetic containers, interior decoration materials, and upcycled plastic products, and has carried out a number of other activities. Innisfree “Empty Bottle Space” was established in June 2017 in the store in Chaog-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, in order to highlight the importance of recycling.

In May 2021, with the concept of “Action to Protect the Earth”, the store was upgraded and transformed into a space for strengthening sustainable development experience projects. Consumers can see everything from recycling empty bottles to making tube containers with plastic crushed materials at a glance. Through the whole process of the press, understand how waste plastics can achieve a virtuous cycle through upcycling. In November last year, they also held an exhibition together with the designer “Kim Haneul” who made furniture from waste mask materials, conveying the message of realizing a virtuous circle of plastics.

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The fifth exhibition “HOME SWEET HOME” held in “Empty Bottle Space” will end on 31st March. Innisfree collaborated with sutainable furniture brand PAPERPOP and illustrator SOON.EASY on this exhibition. During the exhibition, 50 pieces of DIY storage boxes upcycled using more than 70 percent recyclable paper and discarded plastics will be sold in limited quantities in the “Empty Bottle Space”.