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IKEA to launch second-hand marketplace in Australia


In early 2022, IKEA Australia will pilot a new online platform: As-is online. IKEA Family members will be able to browse pre-loved IKEA products online and ‘reserve’ items they wish to purchase before heading to the store to collect at the in-store circular hub.

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In-store circular hubs are being rolled out to all stores across Australia, designed to provide an enhanced shopping experience, enable customers to access affordable and sustainable products and services in one place.

The IKEA Buy Back service allows customers to return their pre-loved IKEA products for a refund card. Customers can shop pre-loved IKEA products, as well as products previously on display, discontinued, returned items and products with minor cosmetic damage and access an ‘offer of the day’. Customer can also extend the life of their IKEA furniture through the care and repair range and collect free spare parts, in-store and online.

In the future, there will be workshops on extending the life of IKEA products at the in-store circular hubs.

The launch of in-store and online circular hubs are ways for IKEA to inspire and enable customers to live a more sustainable life at home. It is also part of its journey towards becoming a circular business by 2030.

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IKEA is committed to enable customers to obtain, care for and pass on products in circular ways, produce 100 percent circular products (raw materials – recycled – remanufactured – refurbished – reused), use only renewable and recycled materials, take the lead and join forces with others in achieving a circular economy through advocacy, collaboration and business partnerships.