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HYPEBEANS launches pop-up at Tong Chong Street Market, Hong Kong

HYPEBEANS greets coffee lovers this summer at Tong Chong Street Market, Hong Kong through its very first pop-up event. HYPEBEANS fans can enjoy a brand-new offering of merchandise and special drinks at the themed truck from 5th to 30th July.

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In-house baristas present HYPEBEANS classics as well as two seasonal signature selections, both exclusively available at Tong Chong Street Market. The Cold Brew Lemonade combines the rich, nutty and winey notes from the coffee with a refreshing, tangy touch of lemon, all brought together with tonic and soda.

The Charcoal Sesame Latte brings out the best in HYPEBEANS’ in-house espresso, accentuating its smoky quality with aromatic black sesame and dressed in charcoal powder for a dramatic finish.

Cold Brew Lemonade and Charcoal Sesame Latte will be available exclusively at Tong Chong Street Market from 5th to 30th July. New and existing customers of HYPEBEANS can browse through the pop-up’s merchandise selection. Enjoy quality coffee at home with in-house coffee beans, or serve favorite drinks in the HYPEBEANS mug or the brand-new tumbler created in collaboration with KINTO Japan.

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HYPEBEANS is collaborating with The Bee Club by POPBEE this summer to offer all members an exclusive 10% discount on purchases at the pop-up.