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HTDF opens supermall in Sanya

Hainan Tourism Investment Duty Free Corporation, operator of the succesful Hainan Tourism Duty Free Shopping Complex (HTDF), opened its new duty paid 100,000-square-metre ‘Supermall’ in Sanya on December 10.

The store is designed to complement HTDF’s successful duty free store, also in Sanya, less than a kilometre away.

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“HTDF Supermall will provide a place where tourists and local residents can shop conveniently with peace of mind, confident that they’ll find authentic products at a good price here,” the company said in a recent guest article for The Moodie Davitt Report about the opening.

Huge crowds, mainly locals, have turned out for opening day. Source: HTDF

“At a time when general consumption upgrading is giving way to consumption segmentation, and consumers are becoming more rational and pragmatic in their spending, it is a value that aligns with the current market trends.”

HTDF has expressed its delight at consumer reaction to the new Supermall, saying the store proved “a hit” on day one with “an endless stream of locals and tourists shopping on each floor”.

The company said the store offers a wide range of consumer attractions including ultra-low discounts, a comprehensive category and brand range and excellent service. This provides “a new and comfortable super-shopping experience”, HTDF commented.

“The differentiated operation but linkage of the two HTDF stores will achieve the effect of 1+1>2, forming an important tourism consumption shopping area in Sanya Central Business District,” the company added.

Source: HTDF

The Supermall offers more than 1,500 brands across multiple categories including perfume and cosmetics, jewellery and watches, luxury, on-trend brands, gold jewellery, toys, imported food and homeware.

Nearly one million products are on shelf, all featuring attractive discounts and year-round low prices. The iPhone 15 proved a particularly hot item on day one, HTDF noted.

The retailer emphasised the depth and value of its offer, noting consumers do not need to worry about buying expensive or fake products.

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The company said the Supermall is a rare example in Sanya of a store covering all categories from luxury to mainstream items. “This means it not only has great appeal to high-end business travellers, but is also attractive to local consumers.

“At the same time, it will effectively drive the upgrading of Sanya’s consumer market, make Hainan’s travel retail sector bigger and drive high-end consumption.”