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Hong Kong’s K11 MUSEA presents six cross-disciplinary collaborations

K11 Seven Rooms

This Autumn, K11 is bringing the concept of Cultural-Retail to the next level with MUSE ROOMS.

From 29th September to 14th November, 2021, K11 MUSEA presents a collection of six art & design dreamlands – MUSE ROOMS – to fuel audiences with creative immersive experiences that stimulate the senses.

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Presenting a novel way to approach arts and culture, K11 MUSEA brings to the public an array of cross-disciplinary collaborations between artists and designers, and lifestyle brands and tastemakers, aiming to ignite the imagination and open up the possibilities of creative imagination as visitors roam through the six MUSE ROOMS at K11 MUSEA.

The line-up of artists, including a’strict, Jon Burgerman, Nelson Chow, Tony Oursler, Hajime Sorayama and Joyce Wang, takes vistors on an artistic journey that fuses art, design, style and taste all together in this cultural-retail landmark.

The art and design dreamlands inspired a series of delightful creations ranging from cookies, drinks and t-shirts. Float seemingly amongst the skies in an otherworldly dreamland at acclaimed NC Design & Architecture (NCDA) founder and award-winning architect Nelson Chow’s collaboration with lifestyle café Elephant Grounds. Savour the flavours and textures that remind you of a Hong Kong childhood at acclaimed interior designer Joyce Wang’s reimagination of an ice cream pavilion, featuring exclusive creations by Cookie DPT. Dare yourself to enter American multi-media and installation artist Tony Oursler’s eclectic rumination on brain stimulation, and wander through the eccentric dreamland — with all the vividness of a neurotic caffeine binge with creations from CURATOR Art & Café. Fall into a childlike sugar high with Jon Burgerman’s delightful nostalgic dreamland of sweets and take precious photos at Snapio’s photo booth.

Head to the Gold Ball and take a deep dive into the fascinating world of NFTs. Thrill in a dreamland of futuristic exploration at Sorayama’s return to the Gold Ball, continuing to blur the boundaries between what’s virtual and what’s tangible. Decades after the original release of Sorayama’s Aquatic series, its main character, the Sorayama Shark, is now coming to life as Sorayama’s first ever NFT. Together with ZHEN., the Hong Kong-based artwork authentication platform powered by blockchain, the Hajime Sorayama x ZHEN. NFT Collection is launched with a digital and physical approach that empowers an innovative way to fundamentally reimagine the art ownership experience.

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Last but not least, NET-A-PORTER’s first pop-up visionary room, featuring a Secret Room showcasing an immersive work by a’strict, the Korean collaborative media artist unit.