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Hermès opens new Shenzhen Bay MIXC store


On 24th September 2021, Hermès opened its second store in Shenzhen, and its 25th Hermès store in mainland China.

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Occupying a strategic corner in the renowned Shenzhen Bay MixC mall, this new address is at the heart of the Nanshan district, a bustling area bordered by the Shenzhen River. All sixteen métiers of the Parisian house are represented in store, from ready-to-wear to the home universe, from leather and equestrian collections to perfumes and beauty.

Designed to capture the dynamic and youthful energy of the ever-growing city, the façade is composed of undulating metal sheets in a rich bronze finish, creating an abstract and organic form, reminiscent of the rippling water of Shenzhen Bay. Placed within the vibrating metal, a large picture window showcases animated displays of the latest collections and accessories.

The space’s elegant interior, conceived by Parisian architecture agency RDAI, combines modern minimalism with the traditions of local craftsmanship, underpinned by the heritage of Hermès. At the main entrance, located beneath the iconic “Grecques” lights and over the brass ex-libris, visitors are greeted by an open perspective which continues almost all the way through the store, with each area flowing seamlessly into the next. A colourful display showcases a series of boldly printed carrés, while a beauty area invites customers to discover the Rouge Hermès lipstick collection.

The locally made terrazzo floors are intersected by curving brass lines that meet in the centre of the store –shapes that are mirrored in the design and lights of the ceiling above. A reference to the geography of the city – bordered by Hong Kong to the south, with the river serving as a meeting point between the two cities – these sweeping forms beckon the eye inwards, into a space as fluid as the river itself.

Bright and inviting, each métier occupies its own distinct area while remaining in a joyous dialogue with its surroundings. A long wall, crafted from local bamboo, traces a line from the men’s ready-to-wear to jewellery and watches and finally, the relaxed privacy of the blue-hued VIP salon. A space dedicated to leather goods shares a woven straw motif with the women’s shoes area. The colour palette of honey and ochre creates a sense of comfort and refinement emphasised by soft leather chairs and cherrywood counters. Woven in a geometric gradient, from earthy brown to deep blue, the bespoke carpets add softness and ease.

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Visitors can discover a series of artwork curated to subtly recall the equestrian origins of the house as well as echo the atmosphere of the city. The new Hermès Shenzhen Bay MixC store invites customers to explore the house’s know-how and abundant collections in a made-to-measure environment, one that harmoniously integrates the fluidity and vitality of the urban landscape.