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Hermès opens first store in China’s Henan province

On 30th March, French luxury house Hermès opened the doors of its new store in the David Plaza in Zhengzhou, the first for the house in the Henan province in China. The spacious new store was designed by the Parisian architecture agency RDAI.

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Located on the ground floor of the mall, the store features an expansive, street-facing glass façade that is animated by dynamic window displays and offers glimpses of the store and collections within. Above, a vast wall of stonework features a 3D motif inspired by traditional Chinese craftsmanship.

From both entrances of the store inside the mall, the architectural codes of Hermès are immediately apparent: the ex-libris underfoot, the iconic “Grecques” globe lighting overhead, as well as the mosaic flooring in bright yellow marble on one side and jade green marble on the other.

Entering from the main entrance, visitors can discover a vivid display of coloured silks floating in graphic frames, hemmed by the fashion accessories on one side while perfume and beauty products are displayed on the other. From here, the layout of the store follows a sequence of salons. Travelling through the leather goods, to the home, jewellery and watches collections, and finally, arriving in a space that houses the men and women’s universes. A second store entrance leads directly to the collections for the home; a space discreetly separated from the jewellery and watches area, which is distinctly fitted out with panelled walls in neutral fabrics.

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A curated selection of artwork follows the store’s colours, highlighting the design and seamlessly fusing the past with the present. Among this selection, vibrant reproductions of contemporary carré prints, alongside works from the Émile Hermès collection that incarnate the Parisian house’s equestrian roots and its long-standing artistic spirit.