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Wowprime Group expands into bento delivery market

Wowprime Corp

Wowprime Group, a Taiwanese catering company, actively adjusted its strategic direction by expanding into the bento delivery market, as the number of Covid-19 cases continue to rise in Taiwan.

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Nearly 20 brands under Wowprime Group will go into the bento delivery market for the first time. It is expected to be launched in mid-April and will cooperate with delivery platform operators. Its high-end brands including Wangpin steak and Chamonix will also launch their own bentos.

Wowprime Group’s performance in Taiwan from January to February 2020 has grown by more than 6%. However, as the number of Covid-19 cases increase since March, the threat to the catering industry has intensified.

Wowprime Group first launched a 15% discount on takeout for five of its brands in late March. The brands are then asked to develop bentos that incorporates their own catering characteristics, with all of the menus, recipes, and packaging materials redesigned. The group invested in nearly 20 of its brands to expand into the bento market.

Wowprime Group currently has 20 food and beverage brands in Taiwan. It is reported that the most high-end THE WANG and the all-you-can-eat Wagyu Shabu will not participate in the lunch delivery program, while all other brands will launch more than one style of bento.

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In addition to take-out and delivery services, the epidemic also opens new business opportunities for frozen dish service. Wowprime established Wowfresh Corporation in 2018, which entered the F&B gift box market in 2019 and opened channels for supermarkets and e-commerce, achieving good results. Looking at the demand for frozen dishes, the menu has also been actively developed internally to provide greater customer convenience.

(Source: Udn)