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Mini 7-Eleven vending machines expand in Taiwan

Mini 7-Eleven

7-Eleven, the largest chain of convenience stores in Taiwan, has recently expanded its unmanned store concept and rolled out 140 Mini 7-Eleven vending machines across the country.

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Mini 7-Elevens offer a multitude of grab-and-go foods and drinks, typically in busy office buildings and at stations. The smart vending machines support cash and e-payment cards, icash, and an interactive user experience.

The snack and drink combo vending machines provide shelf-stable foods, such as chips, cookies, chocolate bars, cakes, jellies, sandwiches, sushi rolls, braised dishes, and yogurt. Drinks include bottled water, cola, soda, fresh milk, soybean milk, tea, canned coffee, and energy drinks.

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology informs personnel at a standard 7-Eleven store nearby to fill the machines when they are running out of stock. Generally, Mini 7-Elevens sell the most popular food and beverage products and the content varies slightly at different locations.

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The company said up to 140 vending machines have been rolled out across the country, mostly in office buildings near coffee corners. Three are located at a transit station in Xinyi District, Taipei.

(Source: Taiwan News)