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Carrefour Taiwan launches e-voucher platform

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Carrefour has launched the group’s first digital voucher service named Carrefour Ticket Xpress in Taiwan.

Carrefour Ticket Xpress enables both retail and mobile payments and the platform was developed by Edenred, a French corporate services company.

Carrefour Ticket Xpress is available at a range of loyalty programmes online channels from various service providers, including seven banks, payment apps, online shopping malls, etc. Consumers can use their reward points to get their Carrefour Ticket Xpress® directly delivered to their mobile devices, and spend it by simply scanning the barcode at any of 87 Carrefour stores in Taiwan.

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Along with the newly launched Carrefour Ticket Xpress, Carrefour Taiwan also updated its mobile app with the new “Reward wallet”, an in-app “Carrefour Ticket Xpress” gift catalogue for E.SUN and CTBC bank’s credit card holders.

An “E-voucher Clip” feature is also available for consumers to manage the “Carrefour Ticket Xpress” received outside Carrefour App, providing a worry-free shopping experience for Carrefour’s customers.

With Carrefour Taiwan’s strong customer base and the wide adoption by local partners including major banks, loyalty and employee benefit programs, this mobile technology is expected to create a significant momentum in both retail and mobile payment market in Taiwan.

(Source: IGD)