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DFS Group prepares to unveil major expansion at City of Dreams, Macau

DFS Group is poised to unveil the first phase of a major expansion of its City of Dreams store in Macau.

The project is being developed in stages, with the first to open in early June. “It’s a massive expansion of the store we already have in Macau – the space will be multiplied by three times,” Chairman & CEO Philippe Schaus told The Moodie Davitt Report.

The first phase is dedicated to fashion and part of the beauty offer. The balance of the beauty department, watches & jewellery and a pioneering shoe offer will follow in subsequent phases.

A major opening event is slated for September with the whole project completed by year-end.

“What makes this so special is that we will have for the first time in Macau what you could call a luxury department store,” said Schaus. “We’ve moved away from the mall feel to more of a department store feel, with, for example, a big open shoe space and a walk-through beauty space. It will have a men’s floor and a women’s floor; and more cafes mixing up with the rest of the retail.”

Schaus said that typically in the building of the large-scale Macau integrated resorts, retail has been an afterthought, usually flanking the core casino offer. This is very different, he noted.

“Here, the most striking features will be on the retail side – so the retail is becoming the hero of the property.”

Asked by The Moodie Davitt Report about whether the heavy recent downturn in the Macau business had affected DFS Group’s commitment there, Schaus said the company’s belief remained “unwavering”.

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