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Showcasing Hong Kong traditions and modern creativity at DesignInspire


Organised by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), DesignInspire will be held next month (5-7 December) to showcase outstanding designs and award-winning projects, as well as providing creative solutions for different industries. The three-day event is open to both trade and public visitors and is free of charge.

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As a prelude to DesignInspire, the “RetroInnovations” exhibition opened on 23rd November and runs until 1st December at the Gallery by the Harbour at Harbour City in Tsim Sha Tsui.

Showcasing Hong Kong traditions and modern creativity. For the show, 26 young local design talents from various disciplines − including architecture, product design and accessories/fashion design − were commissioned by the HKTDC to create a series of contemporary installations under the theme “RetroInnovations”, paying tribute to the city’s cultural traditions by reinterpreting them.

Source: HKTDC

During their preparations for the show, the designers experienced the essence of traditional culture and craftsmanship from the masters who helped to make Hong Kong what it is today. Architect Ming Ho said: “Traditional craftsmanship has been through a lengthy period of evaluation and accumulated wisdom, which can inspire today’s designers to explore new creative directions.” Benny Lee said that he “draws inspiration from local traditions” and wanted to use traditional craftsmanship to build a connection between his artwork and the audience.

Visitors to the exhibition are invited to interact with the installations and experience the ingenious way that cultural traditions have been reimagined into modern design pieces.

Source: HKTDC
Caption: “Aroma Prophecy” is a portable interactive art installation that combines traditional incense making with Chinese fortune sticks. A three-sided wooden cabinet is designed to showcase the raw materials, explaining the function and story of each incense type and giving a prediction for your future.
Source: HKTDC
Caption: Almond biscuit Playset is a miniature of the play set made of almond biscuits. Visitors are invited to design their own play set. By touching the play modules, they can feel the unusual texture and the scent of the traditional almond biscuit at the same time.

DesignInspire opens next month
The third edition of DesignInspire runs under the theme “Co-create Sustainable Cities,” aiming to promote the sustainable development of the urban environment and pay heed to the importance of preserving aspects of traditional culture.

The “Hong Kong Creative Force” pavilion, sponsored by Create Hong Kong (CreateHK) of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, is a campaign to raise public awareness of local creative talents. Young Hong Kong designers are given the opportunity to promote their innovative creations to local and overseas visitors, using the platform to connect with the local business sector and international markets. The pavilion will showcase the design projects of 131 designers and 12 local institutions, featuring art installations that take inspiration from Hong Kong’s traditional handicrafts.

Hong Kong Nostalgia: Hand-written Minibus Sign

Minibus signs reflect the changing times and carry a unique cultural meaning in Hong Kong. These hand-painted acrylic signs not only clarify the fares and destinations of minibuses, but also lead the way for countless passengers over all these years.

The Hong Kong Trade Development Council invited Mr. Mak Kam-sang, the last writer of minibus signs in Hong Kong to create an art installation made up of multiple calligraphy minibus signs that he has written. It aims to reveal the “red minibus culture” of Hong Kong and invite the visitors to examine the handwritten minibus signs from a new perspective, in order to sustain and pass on this traditional craftsmanship.

Source: HKTDC
Source: HKTDC

Who moved my signboard? 

The unique vibrant scene created by dense, colourful signboards on the streets is considered as one distinctive characteristic of Hong Kong. Signboards, despite its primary purpose of commercial promotion, contribute to a unique Hong Kong cityscape that is co-created by different business owners, artists and craftsmen, and a culture that encompasses various historical and artistic values.

@streetsignhk will be showing 3 sets of rescued signboards, telling the stories behind the signboards and how they were rescued. Conservation work of signboards will also be introduced, from promotion and education on social media, reaching out to signboard owners to explore preservation possibility, to rescuing signboards that are inevitably demolished. On the other hand, the exhibits would demonstrate the uniqueness of Hong Kong signboards, including the calligraphy, different signboard materials and neon light craft.

Source: HKTDC

The Warehouse Dai Pai Dong

The Warehouse Dai Pai Dong is a co-created project which consists of the Warehouse Makerspace, Yat Muk, Breakthrough Art Studio and UpCycling Plus that aims to promote the spirit of ‘made in Hong Kong’. Using three types of raw materials – wood, bamboo and metal, local craftsmen and young makers construct a unique scenery of Dai Pai Dong (food stalls in Hong Kong). Also, visitors can experience wood shaving, stone mining and bamboo weaving on site in the designated sessions. The Warehouse Dai Pai Dong values interactions between individuals and hopes to present the culture of the young craftsmen community with an attitude of practicality, flexibility and openness.

Craftsmanship is making a comeback among the younger generations while makerspaces have emerged as the times require. Located in a historical site, The Warehouse Makerspace is a community co-working space that gathers groups of makers specialised in different types of craftsmanship to share and exchange ideas as well as to learn, think and practice the art of craftsmanship in their everyday lives.

6x6 rendering2.147
Source: HKTDC

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A series of interactive events will be arranged for visitors during the event that aim to promote design and innovative thinking. They include various talks plus STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) and design workshops. Visitors can also buy design products from a pop-up store at the event. DesignInspire is open to the public, with free admission over all three days.

Dates & Opening Hours:

5-6 December 2019 (Thu-Fri) 9:30am-7:00pm

7 December 2019 (Sat) 9:30am-6:30pm

Venue: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre Hall 3DE

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