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Lancôme shuts Hong Kong office and Causeway Bay shops as protestors accuse cosmetic giant of “self-censorship”

Wednesday, June, 9th:

Dozens of protestors from different poltical groups march to Lancôme’s shop in Causeway Bay after the French company cancelled a concert featuring pro-democracy singer Denise Ho.


The offices of the L’Oréal Group and several stores under the brand closed on Wednesday ahead of a protest planned against its subsidiary Lancôme.

Several hundred staff members at the offices of L’Oréal Group were notified that they were not required to go to work on Wednesday, reported Apple Daily. The office was closed on Wednesday morning as HK01 reporters arrived at the door.

The company’s decision came after Beijing newspaper Global Times accused it of inviting a “Hong Kong and Tibet independence advocate to promote products” while mainland internet users threatened to boycott the brand.