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Golden Week : Chinese Millennials go for Insta-spots in HK


Hong Kong had its own influx of tourists from Mainland China. But they were not all in search of the city’s more well-trodden sights.

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Media used to report about facts and figures related to shopping expenses and how Chinese travelers were making the fortune of retailers. This year, Millennials and GEN Z contributed to HK differently.

Tourism Board would be happy to know that HK’s Instagram spots were shared and re-shared on social media framing HK as much more than a shopping destination.

Among the preferred spots:

  • The Rainbow Thief : When captured at an appropriate angle, a colorful building opposite with a mural design titled the “Rainbow Thief” forms the perfect backdrop.
  • Montane Mansion : The claustrophobic 46-year-old Montane Mansion is an urban photographer’s dream, as it seemingly melds into the Oceanic Building and the Yick Cheong Building on either side, forming a mishmash of juxtaposing windows, air conditioning vents and hanging laundry.

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  • The Choi Hung Estate : The fresh palette of paint tones that fade into each other on the facade lives up to its namesake, and has pulled in the social media-savvy crowds.
  • The Sai Wan Swimming Shed : only one swimming shed remains in Hong Kong, on the far western edge of the island.

(Source: SCMP)

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