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Costa Brazil arrives in Hong Kong


This fall, Costa Brazil, the clean luxury beauty concept created by Francisco Costa, arrives in Hong Kong.

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After leaving his position as Creative Director at Calvin Klein, Francisco Costa reconnected with his Brazilian roots by launching Costa Brazil, a sustainable beauty line that nurtures the body by harnessing the enriching, all-natural ingredients of the Amazon rainforest. The chic and sleek packaging, made from sustainable materials, reflects Costa’s minimalistic aesthetics.

Francisco Costa photographed by Weston Wells
Source: Costa Brazil

Available now via Net-a-Porter, Costa Brazil is driven by Francisco’s belief in a simple but powerful philosophy: beauty shines in nature. Translated from his native Portuguese, Costa literally means “coast” – the meeting point between land and sea.

The brand’s potent ingredients are sustainably sourced from the deep inlands of Brazilian rainforests — many of which are harvested exclusively for Costa Brazil — and activated using the latest in advanced laboratory technologies. At the core of the Costa Brazil skincare ritual is the Jungle Complex, an exclusive beauty trinity containing vitamin E and mineral-rich Kaya, antioxidant-packed Cacay, and the sacred soothing properties of Breu.

“I believe the spirit of beauty is inseparable from the health of the Earth. I started Costa Brazil because I wanted people to experience a sustainable beauty line with nature’s most healing elements. Working responsibly with local cooperatives and scientists, we create our products to be beneficial to the body and the spirit—as well as the earth. Our roots run deep into the Amazon rainforest of my native Brazil where we discovered some of the most potent, enriching, and intoxicatingly aromatic ingredients in the world,” said Francisco Costa, founder of Costa Brazil.

Transformative to the mind, body, and spirit, the singular high-potency complex of Kaya, Cacay, and Breu was discovered and blended by Francisco after working with a team of scientists and local agriculturists at the edge of the Amazon rainforest. Together, they have combined advanced modern technologies with the hidden nourishing powers of the natural world.

Harvested exclusively for Costa Brazil from exotic sapucaia trees, Kaya is a powerful antioxidant. This exotic rich ingredient found deep within the rainforests of Brazil is classified as a super essential fatty acid and features linoleic, oleic and palmitic acids. Known for centuries in South America as a superfood for the body, Kaya is rich in selenium, vitamin E, magnesium and protein energy, significantly improving skin tone, texture and appearance while adding skin-nourishing lipids. Packed with omegas 3, 6 and 9, antioxidant-rich Cacay boasts an extremely high content of vitamins A and E to revitalize skin by reducing the appearance of aging, fine lines and other environmental stressors. A beautifully fragrant resin taken from the Almacega tree, Breu is rich in chlorophyll and highly prized for its healing and antioxidant properties.

Source: Costa Brazil

Costa Brazil prides itself on its face-to-face relationship with how ingredients are grown and gathered. Francisco works closely with native farmers, cutting-edge scientists and environmental conservationists to wild harvest the purest and most potent natural materials that are safe and healthy for the body and mind. The resulting products are free of parabens, phthalates, sulfates, silicones, mineral oils, and artificial colorants.

Full of antioxidants, minerals, micronutrients, and raw magic, the precious ingredients of Costa Brazil are sustainably sourced deep within the Amazon rainforest. Kaya, Cacay, and Breu and many other ingredients are wild-harvested, meaning that no trees are cut down in the process.

Ingredients are only gathered once they have fallen, or have naturally been emitted, and then cold-pressed for use in Costa Brazil products.

For Costa Brazil, beauty must always be in balance with the earth, even when it comes to packaging; Costa Brazil strives to use sustainable, recycled, and biodegradable materials whenever possible with boxes made from environmentally-friendly and socially-responsible sourced FSC-certified paper.

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Dedicated to helping preserve the beauty of the natural world, Costa Brazil also partners with Conservation International, an organisation that works to protect the nature that people need to thrive.