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Bape’s Baby Milo opens Japan, Hong Kong pop ups


Baby Milo has opened a pair of pop-up locations in Tokyo this week, as well as a Hong Kong location over the weekend.

Parent brand A Bathing Bape has begun opening Baby Milo stores across Japan (Harajuku and Shibuya), Hong Kong and China this past weekend, signalling the Japanese novelty brand’s latest push into major Asian capitals.

Baby Milo has purposefully built a fully interactive shopping experience, an extension of the ‘retailtainment’ phenomenon sweeping Asia this year.

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The Baby Milo label features plush animal characters centred on the namesake character Milo — a time-traveling monkey who loves to dance and eat bananas, and his friends Alii the Giraffe, Hippo, Baby Doppy, PD, Core the Koala and Elephant Eleph.

Largely an accessories pop-up, key items on sale include key rings, bags, wallets, small goods, and other assorted accessories.

The pop-up boutique will also offer up a bevy of soft goods and lifestyle items, alongside some limited-edition seasonal releases such as two Baby Milo Christmas snowglobes.

The Hong Kong store is decked out with two giant claw arcade games at the entrance and iconic Bape camo, Ape heads and Baby Milos all over the ceiling.

Baby Milo has stores located in New Town Plaza in Shatin, the I.T flagship store as well as Times Square located in Causeway Bay.