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Baccarat launches pop-up exhibition at Landmark in Hong Kong

French luxury brand Baccarat hosted a special exhibition titled Masters of Lights, featuring exclusive limited edition pieces in Hong Kong from 9th to 15th August, 2021 at the Landmark Atrium in Central.

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The event will kick off with a VIP Preview on 9th August, with Hong Kong’s celebrated pop-star Hins Cheung attending as guest of honour. This will be followed by an intimate dinner at Michelin-starred Amber restaurant at the Landmark Mandarin Oriental where top VIPs will be the first to enjoy a specially curated Amber x Baccarat menu created by Executive Chef Richard Ekkebus with the iconic Baccarat collections. The Amber x Baccarat menu will be available for a limited time period from 10th to 15th  August.

Founded in 1764 in the Lorraine region of Eastern France, Baccarat is renowned for its exceptional and exclusive products and is synonymous with French savoir-faire. For over 250 years, the brand has inspired and collaborated with the world’s leading designers to create limited-edition collections that showcase its commitment to creativity, craftsmanship and excellence. Three of these special collections will be showcased for the first time in Hong Kong during the exhibition and are made-to-order. Presented inside gigantic versions of the original wooden boxes in which for centuries the Baccarat chandeliers have traveled the entire world.

Highlights include the One & Only stunning “Blue Topaz chandelier,” created in partnership with Ostro, which is globally renowned for its blue topaz gems. The first of its kind, the chandelier is adorned with nearly 700 Ostro topaz gemstones totaling 25,863 carats and thousands of stunning crystal beads. The octagonal Ostro topaz gems, all meticulously hand cut and polished to exhibit the exquisite blue colours of each facet, range from the magnificent Swiss Blue to the deeper, darker London Blue – featuring a large range of ostroblue® gemstones which are of the most intense blue colour and are the signature and pride of Ostro.

Source: Baccarat

The “Crystal Clear” collection by sought-after American artist and creative director Virgil Abloh will also be on display and is another example of Baccarat’s commitment and vision to collaborate with innovators across all fields.

“The collaboration with Virgil Abloh perfectly reflects the unique bond that unites artists and craftsmen. Our people in the factory’s ateliers took the challenge and interpreted Virgil’s vision and sketches relentlessly. Their unique skills and passion for perfection resulted in this exceptional collection of art pieces,” says Hervé Martin, Global CEO of Baccarat.

The limited-edition line of objects mixes heritage, modernity, elegance and industrial codes and includes a lighting unit, center table units and glasses.

“In any creative endeavours, I am interested in collaborating with the best in class. For me Baccarat represents the expression of the dynamism of crystal through history and today. The ‘crystal clear’ line of objects is an extension of my art practice, expertly realised by the artisans of Baccarat,” says Abloh.

Also featured in the exhibition is the “Faunacrystopolis Collection,” by Jamie Hayon which blurs the boundaries between design, art and decoration. Hayon has given a fantastical twist to animal sculptures by creating a balance between past and future, heritage and creation. Six animals – the owl, fox, koala, rabbit, monkey and frog – are given new life in modern forms and come decorated in electric shades and geometric patterns. The collection recreates the personality of each species, making it a must-have for collectors and design lovers.

“Crystal is a fascinating and surprising material! Cut, sculpted, illuminated thanks to the talent of the craftsmen of Baccarat, it reveals all its secrets. It is by exploring the endless possibilities of matter that magic happens,” says Hayon.

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VIP guests attending the preview will also receive an exclusive Baccarat Glass and a deluxe duo set of Baccarat Rouge 540 eau de parfum and Extrait de parfum by Maison Francis Kurkdjian.