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Top 30 Chinese global brands: Lenovo, Huwaei, Alibaba rank first

Lenovo is the most powerful Chinese global brand builder, followed by Huawei and Alibaba, according to new research released this week.
The first “Brand Top 30 Chinese Global Brand Builders”, released by WPP and Kantar Millward Brown in collaboration with Google, said the personal computer and mobile technology firm is the most powerful Chinese export brand with a Brand Power score of 1,682. Lenovo was followed by consumer electronics brand Huawei (1,256) the e-commerce marketplace giant Alibaba (1,047).

Kantar Millward Brown calculated the Brand Power (the BrandZ measure of consumer predisposition to choose a particular brand) of Chinese brands outside of China across seven countries, supported by research conducted using Google Surveys in September 2016, to find the ranking. The evaluation looked at 167 Chinese brands, the median Brand Power score of which is 85.

The biggest find was how the Made in China brand is shifting. While established brands currently have an edge over the emerging internet-lead brands, with 57% of the total Brand Power in the ranking, digital brands were the biggest winner.

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Collectively, consumer electronics and mobile gaming lead the ranking, both in terms of the number of brands in the ranking (17) and combined Brand Power (59%). The result reflects the transformation of Chinese brands, which consumers abroad increasingly associate with innovative digital devices and services.

One challenge facing Chinese brands is that international consumers are generally less aware of, and less likely to consider purchasing, a Chinese brand than a local or globally recognised one, said the research.

However, awareness and consideration gaps vary, with consumers in France, Germany and Spain more aware of and likely to consider Chinese brands than consumers in Japan, Britain or America, said report authors.

“The study shows that the movement of ideas and product leadership has expanded globally, with consumers increasingly looking to China as a potential source for the newest and most innovative products and brands,” said David Roth, CEO of EMEA & Asia, The Store WPP.

“This is the opportune time for Chinese brands to expand abroad, despite the many obstacles and this is why in collaboration with Google we have produced the ground-breaking “BrandZ Top 30 Chinese Global Brand Builders 2017” report. By analysing consumer perceptions of Chinese and non-Chinese brands, we have been able to identify gaps in Chinese brand performance and provide recommendations for brand building strength.”