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Malaysia’s PG Mall partners with JD Worldwide to target Chinese consumers


PG Mall, a Malaysian online retailer, joined JD Worldwide on 27th January to directly sell products to Chinese consumers.

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Over 10,000 sellers and over 1 million products, such as bird’s nest and durian products, will be launched on JD Worldwide in the next few years.

“Since the pandemic outbreak, the global economy has been facing challenges, and Malaysian enterprises are no exception, especially the small enterprises,” said Dato’ Wira Louis Ng, Founder and Executive Chairman of PG Mall.

“They need to explore new markets around the world. Through the partnership with JD Worldwide, we would like to help the small enterprises extend their markets and resume operations,” continue Dato’Wira Louis Ng.

“We are excited to bring PG Mall on JD Worldwide. This partnership will allow JD customers to enjoy more local Malaysian products and enrich the product category on JD Worldwide. We will put in more resources and efforts to support overseas merchants to improve their performance in the Chinese market,” said Luke Liu, general manager of business development of JD Worldwide.

PG Mall is a fast-growing e-commerce platform in Malaysia, and has also been ranked as the third most visited online marketplace among foreign-owned online marketplaces in the country by meta-search website iPrice.

This partnership follows JD’s efforts last November to directly source products from popular platforms including Rakuten, Kintetsu, AUTOBACS, SOLETRADER and more. The direct source project allows JD Worldwide to transfer orders to its partners to send products directly from overseas without third-party transit, enabling customers to enjoy authentic, new products from all over the world as quickly as possible. Partners can also add a new sales channel in China with lower cost on logistics and warehousing.


Last December, JD Worldwide also welcomed the Malaysia Overseas Flagship store, under the witness of Malaysian Ambassador to China, Mr. Raja Dato’ Nushirwan Zainal Abidin. The Malaysia Overseas Flagship Store will introduce nearly 1,000 products from over 60 Malaysian brands, such as instant bird’s nest soup, Musang King durian coffee, curry and coconut milk, which are highly popular among Chinese consumers.