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John Lobb, luxury shoes and boots brand from London under Hermès Group, launched a flagship store on on 23rd February, which is the first and only e-commerce platform to partner with John Lobb in China.

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To mark the store’s opening and the 75th anniversary of the creation of its memorable shoes, the William double-buckle, the brand will bring JD the William New Standard, which is the new iteration of the classic William double-buckle, to JD’s consumers. The memorable shoes are named after its creator’s son William Hunter Lobb, and popular because of its distinctive double buckles. In addition to the classic leather shoes, the lightweight sole series, casual shoes and accessories are now available on JD as well.

“For a luxury brand like John Lobb, which has a long history and attaches great importance to the protection of brand values and customer experience, the selection of e-commerce platforms is even more stringent,” said Kevin Jiang, president of international business, JD Fashion and Lifestyle.

“JD’s zero tolerance for counterfeit goods is in line with the spirit of luxury brands and also the reason why an increasing number of luxury brands have chosen to work with JD, especially since the outbreak of pandemic,” continued Jiang.

JD’s consumers are loyal, high spenders. As of October 2020, the number of JD PLUS (JD’s paid premium membership program) members has exceeded 20 million. During the third Luxury Shopping Festival from 18th – 25th December, 2020, over 80% of users purchased more than two product categories as a result of the high-quality offerings across multiple categories. The number of the first-time purchase consumers grew over 180% YoY, and purchasing luxury goods.

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John Lobb has been in business since 1851 and is known for its craftsmanship, service and style. It creates handmade shoes, boots and leather goods such as wallets, belts ,etc. The brand was acquired by the Hermès Group in 1976 and has developed the John Lobb ready-to-wear shoe brand around the world.