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ANHL Completes Acquisition of Retail Company

ANHL has completed the negotiations to acquire the privately-owned retail company BMC and integrate its sales network into the NMTV business model.

BMC is a manufacturer and distributor of specialist health, wellbeing and gift products to retailers in Europe. With established quality factories in China, BMC is an expert at producing top quality, attractive consumer goods in short production runs. BMC will source, manufacture and distribute branded merchandise to support ANHL’s media division and utilize established sales networks to market packaged goods which will be created by NMTV’s media division.

Barry Fludgate, NMTV’s CEO-designate, commented: "Bringing in a retail platform to the NMTV business model opens up huge opportunities for the company going forward and will allow us to leverage media in a really powerful way. We are now able to create brands that can live in retail outlets as well as online. This is a key tactic in building the brand for products to be introduced after the close. These are tangible products available to customers immediately. By partnering with leading retail outlets, facilitated through the BMC network, we’ll hit the ground running with wide distribution. This is another example of NMTV being opportunity driven which will benefit all stakeholders."

RTGV, through NMTV, has a new media business model which leverages an exclusive technology to deliver multicast transmissions of TV quality transmissions without buffering or freezing. This is a significant technological breakthrough and provides a competitive edge to its shareholders. The evolving venture originally included a 44,000 square foot studio outside London which is equipped to service traditional film and TV requirements, while also being refurbished to attract state-of-the-art customers. This asset has been sold. A (new media) studio has been identified in Bristol, England which provides a better base, with all ancillary services, i.e. post-production and music gallery facilities, already available. Broadband is the global growth engine of the 21st century for new media. NMTV’s technology and multiple revenue steams from its television production company to a payment systems product with 3 brands, epaypoint, Web-Pay and iPAYU to manage consumer cash flow through the Internet in the most cost effective and secure methodology, positions it well for the future through both organic growth and growth by acquisition. NMTV’s objective is to become a leader in new media and reward its stakeholders: shareholders, customers, suppliers and business development partners.


(Source: RTG Ventures, Inc.)