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Adidas opens its first football flagship store in Guangzhou

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Adidas has opened its first football flagship store in the world in southern China’s Guangzhou Teemall.

Colin Currie, Adidas Group‘s managing director for Greater China, said that the opening of this flagship store represents an important milestone for both Adidas and Chinese football.

Not only does it show the maturity of the Chinese sports industry and Adidas’ efforts to expand within the Chinese market, it also emphasizes the group’s determination and commitment to promote the development of Chinese football.

Located on the first floor of the northern square of Teemall, Adidas football flagship store strives to meet all demands of football fans.

It provides equipment of many Adidas-sponsored clubs, including Manchester United, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Chelsea, and Associazione Calcio Milan, as well as exclusive products of players like Messi, Pogba, Bale, and other superstars. There’s even customized name printing on jerseys.

The new store is destined to provide nationwide football players and fans a better platform to enjoy cutting-edge football technologies and access to the full range of football products developed by Adidas.

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