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adidas hosts “Landing on OZ Future” with Tencent Music Entertainment

Source : adidas

adidas teamed up with Tencent Music Entertainment Group’s virtual music festival TMELAND to host “Landing on OZ Future Concert” on 22nd May. The event, which drew 1.3 million people, featured performances by Korean-American rapper Jay Park and Chinese-American rapper MC Jin. Guests could also attend a catwalk, conduct timed activities to receive digital Ozworld footwear, and communicate with their friends using virtual avatars clothed in adidas’ latest Ozworld line.

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Prior to this collaboration, both brands have also made their move into the metaverse. Tencent organized China’s first TMELAND event on 31st December, 2021, bringing together millions of netizens to enjoy music from singers such as Jay Chou and Mayday. In January, Tencent debuted a new 3D interactive area called Super QQ Show on its QQ messaging platform (similar to Animal Crossing), and later filed a patent application for virtual concerts. Meanwhile, adidas collaborated with Prada on a first-of-its-kind collaborative NFT art project and launched Ready Player Me, the world’s first personality-based avatar creation platform.

The Ozworld festival builds on these efforts to push the Web3 envelope. adidas may use the event to create a variety of landscapes that will improve consumer contact with the brand and strengthen loyalty. However, not all virtual concerts are successful. Meta’s series of virtual concerts featuring rapper Young Thug, DJ David Guetta, and EDM duo The Chainsmokers in December failed to draw many spectators, owing to a bad watching experience and minimal exposure (Guetta just had a 2D live streamed video).

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With the rise of COVID cases in Beijing, it may be difficult to host large-scale, in-person entertainment events in China. Virtual festivals are not only a way to reintroduce branded events, but they also help to lift morale as lockdown anxiety builds.