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California-based Cecilia Woo opens in Hong Kong’s K11 MUSEA

Cecilia Woo

​On 26th August, K11 Musea opened its doors to public after 10 years of planning and building. The project is bringing in town new international brands, and welcoming brands with presence in Asia with exclusive concepts designed for this new venue.

Fashion brand Cecilia Woo opened a retail store in Hong Kong on 26 August, 2019,  drawing on the city’s edgy multicultural style and global status to showcase its offerings to an international audience.

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The new store is located in a prime shopping centre in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui, which features a variety of contemporary art retailers and quality lifestyle products that align with the brand’s concept of “Be your own muse.”

Brand Founder Ms Cecilia Woo said that since the business was set up in late 2014 in California, the United States, the brand has been leveraging its concept to serve the specific needs of modern women.

Source: Cecilia Woo

Over the years, Cecilia Woo has built a solid foundation in key Mainland cities, such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Chongqing, developing a significant following through physical and online channels.

Ms Woo said that the company considers now is the right time to develop the brand across global markets, adding, “Hong Kong is Asia’s world city. This place is highly relevant for light luxury brands in terms of fashion trends and ways of life. The city also attracts travellers from around the globe. It is an ideal landing point for us with solid international opportunities.”

Hong Kong is one of the fastest-paced cities in the world, she noted.

Source: Cecilia Woo

“We appreciate the spirit of women here as well as the work-hard culture, which is very much the essence of this city. Our brand is dedicated to serving modern women. We cannot think of anywhere else that is more relevant than Hong Kong to develop our Muse concept for women,” Ms Woo added.

Associate Director-General of Investment Promotion, Dr Jimmy Chiang, said, “Hong Kong’s international status adds value for foreign investors targeting global markets.”

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“In addition, we offer comprehensive systems such as a low tax regime, an effective legal system and an availability of experienced sales and marketing professionals, making our city the ideal place for brands that want to promote their products and concepts to the world. We are confident that Cecilia Woo can prosper in Hong Kong and thrive in the world markets,” he continued.