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Fashion resale aggregator dejaWOOO launches in China

DejaWOOO, a fashion resale aggregator making it easier for Chinese consumers to search, discover and purchase pre-owned luxury and designer fashion from around the world, has officially launched after receiving its first pre-seed investment.

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China is entering a boom in second-hand luxury fashion consumption. Accounting for around 8 percent of the global market, China’s second-hand luxury fashion consumption has historically underperformed compared to its primary luxury consumption. Domestically, second-hand also occupies a smaller share of the total luxury market in China (5 percent) than in western countries and Japan (30 percent). But it is catching up fast, growing at 20 percent+ year-on-year from 2014 to 2018.

Initially curating products from selected global platforms through its e-commerce website and WeChat mini-programme, dejaWOOO aims to grow into one of the most comprehensive aggregator of global pre-owned fashion, allowing Chinese consumers to search, browse and compare millions of products from a growing list of international resale platforms.

Beyond offering a convenient and transparent way to shop for pre-owned premium and luxury fashion, dejaWOOO will invite Chinese consumers and luxury brands to embrace the global circular fashion movement through its own upcycled “WOOO Series” capsule collections with designers, social video content and influencer activations.

DejaWOOO was co-founded by veterans in luxury communications Chen Liang and Gregory Cole. Early days investors include Jean-Michel Dumont.

“We are thrilled to finally share our vision of dejaWOOO, just as China enters a turning point in the growth of circular fashion. With dejaWOOO, we hope to inspire more and more Chinese consumers to change their perception of the pre-owned market and widen their fashion horizon to include iconic styles spanning decades, not just the latest collection. We want to build a community, not only a tool, where people are open minded, bold, and embrace sustainability,” said Liang.

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“China is the global leader in luxury fashion consumption, yet it has been slow to embrace pre-owned fashion, in part due to low consumer trust in authenticity. Meanwhile, we know that international platforms that benefit from sophisticated authentication teams are keen to engage with Chinese consumers. With dejaWOOO we are building a bridge between international resale platforms, Chinese consumers and luxury brands looking to participate in the pre-owned market. Thanks to our experience in luxury marketing and our resources in data analysis, we can aggregate and present their products in a way that meets the shopping preferences of globally-minded Chinese consumers, and help them better understand these consumers’ needs and wants,” said Cole.