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Familymart doubles up apparel space

Familymart plans to build on the success of its Convenience Wear clothing lines, aiming to double shelf-space dedicated to these basic apparel items.

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The Convenience Wear line, developed in collaboration with its Itochu parent, includes new colours in socks and t-shirts. The line will need an additional shelf in most of its stores and a dedicated shelf for socks alone in some stores. Familymart is also looking at more collaborations with well-known designers.

Sales have been brisk, with the branded lines selling three times more than generic clothing items also offered in Familymart stores. Convenience Wear has also proved something of a hit on social media, popular for their good quality as basic clothing items that look better than typical convenience store options. They also meet demand for low prices.

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Familymart is expecting sales of the Convenience Wear range to increase 1.5 times in the current year.

(Source : Japan consuming)