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Deliveroo Editions launches seven kitchens in Hong Kong

Food delivery service company Deliveroo announced the launch of the eighth Editions site in Aberdeen, Hong Kong, as part of its goal to grow its Editions presence in Hong Kong. The opening comes after last year’s launch of the Tseung Kwan O site in December. The Aberdeen Editions, which includes seven kitchens, will offer delectable and diverse dining options to deliver a mix of Eastern and Western cuisines to the neighbourhood.

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Deliveroo Editions improves cuisine options in various neighbourhoods across Hong Kong. Local favourites and popular restaurant brands can set up hub operations from Deliveroo’s Editions kitchens, and enable their chefs to prepare restaurant-quality dishes for pick-up and delivery.

First launching in Hong Kong in 2017, Deliveroo Editions has increased its footprint significantly over the last few years, as the concept has secured its position in gourmet culture as a trend that is here to stay.

Over the last year, data collected by Deliveroo has shown that Aberdeen has a high level of consumer loyalty and a large number of active subscribers with a hunger for more eats and variety.

Source : deliveroo

“Aberdeen is a vast but underserved neighbourhood, so we are excited to bring more diverse dining offerings to the area. Since the onset of the pandemic, our Deliveroo Editions sites have helped our restaurant partners boost their order numbers and mitigate the loss in revenue under dine-in limitations. Our kitchens have been invaluable tools for our restaurant partners looking to reach more customers without the risk of a large upfront investment,” said Andrew Hui, General Manager, Deliveroo Hong Kong.

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The number of Editions sites in the city is expected to grow as Deliveroo expands to other locations.