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Cryptocurrency platform opens its flagship store in Hong Kong


Established in January 2021 and headquartered in Hong Kong,, a cryptocurrency platform, opened its flagship store in October.

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Located in Causeway Bay, it covers more than 10,000 square feet on the 2/F and 3/F of commercial building, V POINT. It provides five core services: One, MODA, Academy, Foundation Group and Capital. operates the largest Bitcoin ATM network in Asia plus over-the-counter transaction services, and a cryptocurrency wallet that can support 5,000+ cryptocurrency trading and interest earning. It also invests in blockchain start-ups, presents cryptocurrency courses, and manages a high-end Premier Service Center with facilities for presenting NFT art and lifestyle clubhouse, as well as providing funding to charity activities.’s exclusive club house MODA stands for Museum of Digital Art. Located on V POINT’s third floor, the premise offers top-tier customers a private and multifaceted environment for leisure and entertainment, as well as access to other exclusive privileges, including private jet and yacht charter service, personal beauty, one-on-one personalized concierge service and consultation and more. The Premier Service Centre is also a multi-purpose event and meeting space, designed for high-net-worth clients (investors with US$3 million or more).

Driven by the belief of live beyond limit, the founding team of the NFT art collector in Asia is committed to providing customers with a one-stop shop cryptocurrency experience by promoting the wide application of blockchain, cryptocurrency and NFT in Hong Kong and Asia, and promoting the development of cryptocurrency ecology.

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In the near future, will be launching a cryptocurrency credit card with all the features and more versatility than an actual credit card. Its digital wallet can be used all over the world for consumption and investment needs, alongside interest earning services. With key partners across the globe, over-the-counter transaction services is also available in the United Kingdom, Canada, United States, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Taiwan and Japan.