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Coca-Cola’s 70th anniversary at The Venetian® Macao

Celebrating Coca-Cola’s 70th anniversary at The Venetian® Macau

Hong Kong residents are very familiar with the delightful neighbouring city of Macau.

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Generations from the 1950s to today have visited Macau with family or friends as adventuring youngsters or relaxing get-away seekers.

The ruins of St Paul’s Cathedral, the Praia do Bom Parto, the cafés at Praça de Ferreira do Amaral, and the thrilling Macau Grand Prix are common memories for many Hong Kong people.

“Coca-Cola” celebrates its 70th anniversary in Macau with an interactive display at The Venetian® Macao and the launch of six cans featuring 70 years of history in Macau.

From now on till July 31, the “Giant “Coca-Cola” Sleek Cans Exhibition” will be on display at the Lion Square and St Mark’s Square at The Venetian Macao to commemorate the 70th anniversary.

“Coca-Cola” fans can recall their fondest memories of Macau as they wander through historical settings formed by giant “Coca-Cola” sleek cans and immerse themselves in the interactive fun with some games and activities.

A check-in spot that cannot be missed! Walk through the history of Macau with giant Coca-Cola cans

The exhibition showcases 50 years of Macau’s stories in six historical settings. Each setting features a 2-meter tall “Coca-Cola” sleek can interactive display revolving around each theme.

Step into the ’60s on the “Praia do Bom Parto” in a rickshaw and imagine the merchant ships berthed at the harbor. Cheer in the stands as the race cars in the Macau Grand Prix whip past with roaring speed.

After an exhilarating bike ride around the Old City, enjoy a tasty local treat or a sumptuous feast on the Rua do Regedor. Do not miss out the scenes for “Ruins of St Paul’s Cathedral” in the 50s, “the café at Praraça de Ferreira do Amaral” in the 70s and “Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro” in the 90s.

“Coca-Cola” collectibles available only at the “Giant “Coca-Cola” Sleek Cans Exhibition”

Limited Edition! DIY “Selfie” “Coca-Cola” bottle

“Selfies” have become the modern way of cataloging memories.

“Coca-Cola” offers a unique chance to have a “Coca-Cola” bottle with a bespoke selfie printed on it – the most refreshing memory. During the exhibition period, fans who spend more than MOP500 at The Venetian Macao on no more than two receipts and purchasing one “Coca-Cola” 330ml SLEEK CAN at the designated photo area, can take a selfie at the exhibition booth and receive a 500ml personalized “Selfie” “Coca-Cola bottle.

Exclusive collection! 70th anniversary Macau “Coca-Cola” flying chess

To celebrate its 70th anniversary, “Coca-Cola” has produced a special-edition “Coca-Cola” flying chess board game. Graphics representing the old Macau have been printed on the game board, and the chess pieces are miniature Coca-Cola cans.

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The magnetic game board detaches into four pieces for easy transportation. Fans who spend over MOP5,000 on no more than two receipts, may receive this super exceptional “Coca-Cola” collector’s item for free on first-come-first-serve basis.