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CLUSE opens its very first monobrand store in Taiwan

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The Amsterdam-based watch brand renowned for its timeless sophistication and strong focus on materials, quality, and style has just opened its first monobrand store in Taiwan in partnership with Bluebell.

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This CLUSE monobrand POS is a rotating pop-up in partnership with Eslite, which aims to attract visitors from different cities in Taiwan. This month the pop-up stops at the Eslite Taichung Parklane by CMP Store, 1F.

CLUSE, created in Amsterdam in 2013 by a team of young and ambitious individuals, is a fast-growing watch brand for the modern and fashionable woman.

Named after “Cluses”, one of the oldest watchmaking towns in France, CLUSE is able to combine a modern, minimalistic, and elegant design yet remaining faithful to its heritage by crafting authentic, quality analogue timepieces.

CLUSE was discovered at an early stage by the fashion-loving crowd on social media, and among others, it has acquired worldwide fame on Instagram and Facebook, being recognized as a successful Facebook story for its effective digital marketing strategies.

Thanks to the profound in-house knowledge of Social Media marketing, a data-driven approach and a clear customer profile based on campaign data, CLUSE has managed to grow to a staggering 1.6 million Facebook fans and 700K Instagram followers within 3 years.

This success is boosted by CLUSE’s brand ambassadors who are recognized among the most influential kol worldwide like @sincerelyjules and @retroflame who live their life with the same philosophy of the brand.

Drawing inspiration from minimalist fashion and subtle colours, CLUSE represents the mentality of simplicity of being grounded, empowered, sophisticated and true to oneself.

CLUSE is designed not only to indicate time, but also to define the best moments in life.

CLUSE is designed for dynamic and versatile women. One CLUSE watch allows infinite possibilities thanks to the mix&match easily interchangeable straps.

CLUSE has soon become the most popular lifestyle watch brand in Europe and invested into a high-end network of distributors.

After expanding in Europe, CLUSE has quickly conquered millennials in different countries, and it led to simultaneously launch in wholesale in Japan, Korea, Malaysia, and wholesale and mono-brand stores in Hong Kong, Singapore, and now Taiwan.

The latest collection is La Tétragone (this new classic square shape design launched in SS18), and Triomphe (also launched in SS18).

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Following the success of CLUSE timepieces, the brand has started a new adventure into jewelry. Three collections have been created Essentielle, Idylle, and Amourette to translated unique personalities into unique pieces.

CLUSE is definitely a brand to keep an eye on, strong brand identity,  effective digital marketing strategy, and an army of influencers boosting its brand image.