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Clarins rebrands skincare brand myBlend

Following a rebrand, French Cosmetics Group Clarins has relaunched their skincare brand myBlend which first launched in 2007.

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The revitalisation of MyBlend has come under the direction of Dr. Olivier Courtin, one of the two sons of Clarins’ founder.,. The new collection consists of 30 high-end products created with a combination of Clarin’s original customised skincare approach with nutricosmetics and the usage of new digital tools.

The mySkinDiag app, which can be accessed through a mobile device, can analyse photos and includes a lifestyle questionnaire, resulting in a chart of the user’s skin problems and a series of suggestions to solve them. MyBlend is also releasing equipment such as an LED-equipped mask, priced at EUR 970 (USD 1033.5), that is believed to stimulate targeted tissue regeneration by increasing collagen formation.

According to French magazine JDD, myBlend’s relaunch took four years and a EUR 20 million (USD 21.3 million) investment, this included an environmentally responsible plan of ingredient traceability and a restriction on plastic use.

The European relaunch is set to occur in May with an emphasis on online distribution and a presence in a number of spas. MyBlend’s flagship store in Paris is scheduled to launch in September.

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The company has hired Ykone, a leading international influencer marketing agency specialising in the luxury and beauty industries, to promote the relaunch. Ykone has devised a comprehensive campaign that includes influencers, web ads, podcasts, social media activity, and artistic collaborations. In June, a monthly podcast called ‘Emotion de Peau’ (skin emotion) will debut, in which women define themselves through their skin.