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China Li-Ning city-themed concept store opened in Chengdu, China


On 29th May, China’s first China Li-Ning city-themed concept store opened in an alley in Chengdu, the capital of the Sichuan province, China.

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From the outside, the overall architectural style of the alley concept store retains the original buildings. The store adopts a Chinese-style mortise and tenon structure, combined with light, motion animation to bring a cool visual experience.

The concept store covers an area of ​​more than 1,000 square meters, with a section to display the hottest and most fashionable items.The museum display section records the history and major events of Li-Ning since 1990. The LOGO light plates, bamboo weaving, lantern installations, the puppet show and the traditional tea break atrium, at the concept store display a very local Chengdu lifestyle, reflecting the integration of Chinese Li-Ning and Bashu culture of Chengdu.

In terms of themes, the first China Li-Ning city-themed concept store in China pays tribute to the classic theme of “Too Young To Stay”. The Li-Ning city limited edition products include the “Too Young To Stay” collection and the latest products of the brand.

In the new collection of the season “Too Young To Stay”, Li-Ning integrated the Chinese cultural heritage of blue calico printing and dyeing technique into streetwear and launched a special collection of “blue printing”. The collection includes a buckle design, monogram printed Tang suit jackets, color contrasting pockets, short-sleeved slub patch stitching, basketball jersey with slub pattern and embroidery, and fashion items such as the 937 Deluxe Low, which is inspired by blue dyeing craftsmanship.

In fact, “Too Young To Stay” can be said to be the first city-limited edition collection launched by Li-Ning. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons why Li-Ning chose to land the country’s first China Li-Ning city-themed concept store in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province. The land of Shu, once known for its leisure and comfort, has now become a fashion capital for young people to chase trends.

In 2018, Li-Ning’s street basketball line, BADFIVE teamed up with street fashion brand 1807 and creative design unit WED.CREW to create a limited edition collection for Chengdu, “Too Young To Stay”. Basing the collection on the cultural background of the Shu culture attracted a large number of fans and also received strong responses from the fashion industry.

Source: Li-Ning

Since then, basketball and street styled city limited edition collections became a classic:
2019: “Too Young to Stay”, “Chang An Young n Rich”
2020: “Changsha City” (a one-day limited store in Changsha, paying tribute to the unique urban culture of Changsha)
September 2020: “Changan Youth 2020″ series and “Heroes” for Wuhan. The series expresses tribute to the city of Wuhan and all the heroes with a street attitude. Li Ning has been deeply cultivating urban IP, and thus has gained the emotional resonance of consumers in different cities.

It can be seen that Li Ning took the street basketball series BADFIVE as the key to carry out city limited collections one after another, and continued to speak out in the core of the Chinese youth culture.

From August to December 2020, the Li-Ning 3+1 Street Basketball League covered 8 cities, and the total number of participants in the event was nearly 30,000. The event closely integrates the street basketball value delivered by BADFIVE, based on the same culture and deeply cultivates hip-hop culture.

Luxe.Co recently interviewed Hong Yuru, Vice President of Li-Ning, where he shared his in-depth analysis of “Li-Ning’s Way”. When asked about the relationship between Li Ning and consumers, he said, “In the eyes of people in different cities, Li-Ning is completely different. I often tell my colleagues that when we are in the market, we have to understand that there are different understandings of the brand by people in different cities. Li-Ning in the eyes of Beijingers, Li-Ning in the eyes of Shanghai people is different from Li-Ning in the eyes of Changsha, Dalian, and Qiqihar. Everywhere we go, we have to ask “Who am I” and what kind of brand Li-Ning is in their eyes.”

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Li-Ning Company Limited is a Chinese sportswear and sports equipment company founded by former Olympic gymnast Li Ning in 1990. The goal was to provide Chinese athletes a national brand to wear during the Olympics. “China Lining” is a sports fashion series launched by Li-Ning in 2018 as the brand set foot onto the runway.