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CHARLES & KEITH opens a new concept store in Hong Kong

This November, the footwear and fashion accessories brand CHARLES & KEITH deepens its retail footprint in Hong Kong, with the opening of a new store at Cityplaza, a shopping mall in Hong Kong.

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Situated in the business district of Taikoo, the new 197 square meter store is the first in the brand’s global network to reflect its 6th generation store concept. Keeping true to the brand’s minimalist aesthetic, gradual curves and fluid lines are paired with a clean colour scheme.

Notes of green byway of fresh palms and lush velvet couches inject a touch of life into the cocoon like space. Porcelain stoneware creates a contrast against the rest of the interior, while a cementitious finish applied to fixtures, emulates warm limestone, reflecting a contemporary perspective of simplicity and sophistication.


“We are thrilled to unveil the newest iteration of the CHARLES & KEITH boutique experience – just as the brand celebrates its silver jubilee. This new store concept which will be reflected in all forthcoming openings, stays true to our brand codes, while injecting the personality of each individual city it calls home with one-of-a-kind features. It is a physical manifestation of our brand today where elevated materials meld harmoniously with trendsetting style,” said Chief Operating Officer, Keith Wong.

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“From the textures of our interior, to the presentation of the merchandise, our intent was to create a space that allows for raw beauty to shine. We envision shopping at our store as an unhurried and personal experience, where customers can come, slow down, and focus on experimenting with their own individual style,”  he continued.