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Carrefour Taiwan launches Asia’s first cage-free eggs

Carrefour Taiwan egg

On 21st November, Carrefour Taiwan officially launched the first line of private label cage-free eggs from an Asian retailer at its Neihu Store in Taipei’s north.

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The launch marks another step in Carrefour Taiwan’s Act For Food initiative, which aims to see Carrefour serve as a leader in food transition. As part of the launch, one Taiwanese dollar from every box sold will be donated to promote the welfare of farm animals, with proceeds going to the Environment & Animal Society of Taiwan (EAST).

Members of the Open Wing Alliance (OWA) representing 17 animal protection organizations from Asia, the United States, and Europe attended the press conference to show support for Carrefour Taiwan’s bold commitment to improving the lives of consumers and animals.

Global Corporate Relations Co-ordinator for the Open Wing Alliance, Amy Odene, Carrefour Taiwan Director of CSR and Communications, Marilyn Su, Council of Agriculture Poultry Division Section Chief Yi-Chain Lee, and EAST Executive Director, Wu Hung, were all present to witness the ground-breaking launch ceremony.

Ms. Su said: “As a large international retailer, Carrefour is constantly thinking about how it can exercise corporate social responsibility to make Taiwan a better, more beautiful place because of our presence. Through our partnership with EAST, we have come to realize that we can only provide safe, worry-free eggs to consumers if we treat hens well. In the past year we have visited countless egg farms across Taiwan, and have partnered with Maoyong and Quanxin farms for the launch of our cage-free private label egg line. We invite other cage-free farmers that uphold high animal welfare standards to contact Carrefour and the Cage Free Alliance to discuss future collaboration.”

Wu Hung, Executive Director of EAST, stated: “Over the past 30 years the international community has gradually come to value the welfare of farmed animals. The World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) has worked with scientists to devise animal welfare standards for farmed animals and called on the world’s governments to establish regulations and laws to put these into practice. In recent years the cage-free movement has made huge strides around the globe, with the European Union leading the way by banning battery cages from 2012, and other countries following suit in promoting barn and free range production systems.”

Carrefour Taiwan
Source: Carrefour

“Ever since we partnered with Carrefour to promote the food transition, we have witnessed the power companies hold to make the world a better place. We call on other food companies to join Carrefour in demonstrating their concern for animal welfare, sustainability, and the health of consumers,” he added.

The food transition starts with eggs Carrefour Taiwan publicly announced its four-step commitment to going cage-free in May 2018. Carrefour completed the first stage of its commitment in late 2018, establishing cage-free zones in all of its stores nationwide and switching to cage-free eggs for its tea eggs and prepared food range. This year Carrefour’s efforts transcended international borders as it joined forces with Matcha Prince—an official representative of Uji, Kyoto—to launch Taiwan’s first egg rolls to make use of cage-free eggs.

Today, Carrefour fulfilled the second stage of its cage-free commitment by launching its line of private label cage-free eggs.

Over the past year Carrefour Taiwan has thrown its full support behind the cage-free movement. Aside from establishing cage-free zones and increasing the number of cage-free eggs on sale, Carrefour has also travelled far and wide to educate consumers and promote the uptake of cage-free eggs.

Carrefour currently stocks 24 cage-free egg SKUs in Taiwan, and the market share has already risen to 17%, giving Carrefour confidence for the launch of its free range Carrefour Quality Line eggs next year.

Carrefour hopes to use action to prove to Taiwanese consumers that when it comes to the food transition, it is not cutting any corners. Whether its Carrefour customers or egg laying hens, Carrefour aims to help everyone live their best life.

Last month Carrefour conducted a survey of almost 1,000 consumers. The results showed that nearly 80% of Taiwanese consumers care about the production system of the eggs they buy, and almost nine in ten are concerned about antibiotics use, antibiotic residues, and unhygienic rearing environments.

However, it is currently very difficult for consumers to know the reality behind the eggs they buy. Carrefour begun promoting cage-free eggs in 2018, and has partnered with EAST to increase consumers’ understanding of egg products and improve the availability of cage-free eggs. Carrefour hopes to break through the lack of transparency in existing egg supply chains. This is the reason Carrefour has chosen to partner with Cage Free Alliance-certified farmers for the launch of its private label cage-free egg line, in an effort to transform the consumer market.

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Currently all CFA members are 100% barn or free range farmers. Members abide by the CFA’s high animal welfare standards and must submit themselves to regular and unscheduled audits by CFA staff. From farm to table, the production process is transparent and traceable, providing peace of mind for consumers.