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Canon Image Square opens with new look in Hong Kong

Canon Image Square PR photo 001

Canon Hong Kong announced the opening of Canon Image Square with a brand new look.

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Opened on 5th February 2021 at Grand Century Place in Mongkok, the new Canon Image Square is an innovative hub designed to make creativity bloom and encourage inspiration as well as ideas exchange. It welcomes public to experience and enjoy the brand’s one-stop imaging solutions and services in a cozy and engaging environment.

3 Featured Zones: Imaging Solution Hub for Creation X Ideas Exchange

Canon Image Square PR photo 002
Source: Canon Hong Kong

THE LIVE HOUSE is a vibrant zone where creative ideas can be realized with Canon’s products and technologies. It houses a fully-equipped and dedicated LIVE CORNER to offer full support for rising live-streaming needs under the new normal. On the other side, the full range of Canon’s latest photography and videography systems together with high-quality printers and printing service are offered to make your creations come alive.

Canon Image Square PR photo 003_010
Source: Canon Hong Kong

THE SQUARE is a multifunctional zone for creativity and inspirations. It is a venue for multimedia exhibitions, sharing workshops and live-streaming seminars collaborated by different creators and Canon. It can also be transformed into a professional studio to support the various needs of photographers, videographers or content creators on photo and video production.

Source: Canon Hong Kong

THE CLUB is a cozy zone for communications and services. It facilitates dialogue and interactions, by offering a relaxing environment to encourage the visitors, included but not limited to photography lovers, online content creators and Canon’s members to network casually in addition to getting the pre-sales and after-sales support they need.

Mr. Shunichi Morinaga, President and CEO of Canon Hongkong, said, “The global pandemic has drastically changed our lives and how business runs. Under the new normal that brings unprecedented challenges, both visual creators and business users have surging needs for high-quality video solution. Therefore, at the new Canon Image Square, we offer a place more than a traditional showroom. It is infused with new elements that meet the increasing demands for live-streaming, virtual meeting and online seminar. Meanwhile, everything in the hub are well thought out to facilitate the creativity bloom and ensure seamless user experience is in place across O2O (online-to-offline). The new location is built to optimize the customer journey as a physical touchpoint with service excellence.”

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“We also integrate Canon’s cutting edge technology into business service. By implementing our video analytics solution to the store operation, we can actively respond to customers’ needs and provide timely services. The commercial application of imaging technology at Canon Image Square is a demonstration to other retailers looking for more satisfying customer experience. Through offering efficient and high-quality imaging solutions and services, we are devoted to empower Canon’s users to seize opportunities amid challenges, now and in future,” Mr. Morinaga added.

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