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Canon Australia to close online Canon Store


On 1st September, Canon Australia, the camera giant, announced its decision to cease the operations of its direct to consumer marketplace – Canon Store – for the foreseeable future, effective from 30th September 2020.

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The Canon Store was launched in 2011 as an e-commerce platform designed to expand online shopping options for local consumers.

“Fast forward to 2020, the unprecedented challenges currently facing the Australian market has seen Canon Australia re-examine the best way to help consumers access our products, services and support. As a result, we are proudly streamlining our efforts in supporting local retailers to drive competition in the local market and bring you the best value product offers, promotions, services and experiences possible,” said in a statement released by Canon Australia.

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“Moving forward, Canon will continue to work with local retailers to bring hands-on product experiences and promotions to consumers,” the statement added.

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