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Blue Bottle opens in Jeju, Korea

Blue Bottle

U.S-based coffee roaster and retailer Blue Bottle Coffee opened a store on Jeju Island.

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The opening of the ninth location in South Korea also marks the first store to be located outside of Seoul.

Dubbed Blue Bottle Jeju Cafe, the new outlet is located in Songdang-ri, Gujwa-eup of Jeju City, on the western side of the island.

The newly opened store reflects the regional traits of the island both in the space and on the menu, opting for low walls and a minimalistic interior design with a wooden ceiling and big windows to let in more sunlight, the company said.

With the bar placed in the center of the open space, visitors can move more naturally and communicate with baristas more easily, the coffeehouse chain explained.

The fruity “Jeju Blend” is also available as an exclusive item only at the new location.

“Blue Bottle Jeju Cafe focused on going beyond the realm of cafes and is a space that both local residents and visitors to Jeju can come and relax,” said Suh Hyewook, Head of the Korean unit.

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“Through various collaborations with local communities, we will continue to create and launch programs to blend in with the local community,” Suh added.