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Berluti launches on


Berluti, global luxury fashion house under LVMH group, announced the opening of its flagship store on Luxury on 7th July, which is the first time the brand has launched an online store through a third-party e-commerce platform in China.

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Berluti’s partnership with JD also marks the first time the brand will trial AR technology, which aims to further improve consumers’ experience and explore more possibilities of digital operation and marketing. The AR technology will make it possible for customers to enjoy the interactive experience they get in-store, while offering the convenience of having their favorite products just clicks away from arriving at their doorstep. The AR function is currently available for shoe trial on selected items. In addition to AR function, both sides are also exploring the application of VR on Berluti’s boutique tour in Beijing.

Berluti flagship on JD offers a series of new and classic collections of Berluti, such as limited edition items collaborated with Russian artist Lev Khesin, and classic Luti Venezia belts.

“We are very thrilled to have a very first Berluti flagship e-store opened on; this is not only a very important retail channel for us, but also marks a milestone for e-commerce development of Berluti in China,” said Laurent Barrere, the Managing Director of Berluti China and Asia Pacific.

“We believe that’s expertise in AI and big data will help our maison to reach more consumers of all ages throughout the nation,” continued Barrere.

“The partnership will also further JD’s aim of offering consumers the best in luxury,” said Kevin Jiang, President of International Fashion and Lifestyle.

“As Chinese consumers’ demands for luxury goods continues to escalate and more of them are moving online, JD is committed to becoming the only destination for Chinese consumers to access to global luxury products through working closely with a wider selection of luxury brands while providing both convenient and premium shopping experiences,” Jiang continued.

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Established in Paris in 1895 by an Italian-born shoemaker, Alessandro Berluti – creator of the Alessandro, the brand’s first lace-up shoe, Berluti has since kept evolving and innovating through four generations of craftsmen.

Known for its artisanal know-how and its unconventional charm, the maison has kept honing its bootmaker expertise through the 20th century, approaching shoe crafting as sculpture, creating new emblematic models and developing the art of the patina to introduce color in the world of men’s shoes.