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Australia’s Decjuba to open first Asia store in Singapore next year

Australian fashion brand Decjuba has announced plans to open its first store in Asia in 2024, opting for the Southeast Asian nation if Singapore to make its regional debut.

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The fashion retailer told local media it is working on establishing a physical store in the lion city later next year.

“We continue to look around the world and we don’t see another brand doing what we are doing as well as we do it,” Tania Austin, owner and CEO at Decjuba, told the Australian.

“I thought for a long time we didn’t need to have physical stores abroad. But every time I go into a good shopping centre I’m like, ‘It is that experience piece that we are seeing consumers come back to.’ They enjoy it. There’s definitely a demand for it,” said Austin, adding that the new Singapore store is the brand’s primary focus in terms of international expansion.

The new Decjuba Singapore store location and opening date details were not disclosed.

Decjuba said it has recently partnered with Australian menswear brand Mr Simple, to offer its first men’s undergarments, which will be available online and in 15 of its larger stores in Australia.

That’s in addition to selling products under the Decjuba Kids brand in eight new D-luxe concept stores this month, according to the report.

Finally, the company will also launch Decjuba beauty, which will offer 34 beauty products for lips, nails, cheeks and eyes, this October.