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Apple opens second store in Taiwan

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Apple Inc. opened its second store in Taiwan, just a short distance away from its first store inside Taipei 101.

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As with the opening of the previous shop in 2017, fans of the American electronics company’s products were out in force, starting to line up outside way before the official launch time.

An estimate of over 1,200 Apple fans, many of whose products are manufactured by Taiwan’s Foxconn Technology Group, waited outside for the opening.

While the island’s first Apple store is located inside the Taipei 101 shopping mall, the new one is an independent structure modeled on the company’s shop on Chicago’s Michigan Avenue, with tall windows and a roof resembling a MacBook laptop.

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Fans outside of Taipei were reportedly hoping for Apple stores in other major towns, such as Kaohsiung and Taichung. Apple products are widely available in Taiwan through authorized resellers.

(Source: Taiwan News)