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Amazon Global Store launches in Korea


Global online retailer Amazon and South Korean e-commerce platform 11STREET partnered to launch the Amazon Global Store on 11STREET.

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The move has made it easier to buy tens of millions of products available on Amazon’s U.S website, ranging from PCs, toys and fashion to electronics.

Though the service has been in operation in 12 other countries, it marks the first time Amazon is working with a local company for the launch. It also makes 11STREET Korea’s “most extensive bookstore”, with millions of books now available.

“Starting today, customers in Korea will be able to enjoy the most convenient way to shop global products, with free international shipping from the US,” said Somana Konganda, Director of Amazon Global.

Lee Sang-ho, CEO of 11STREET, said, “The launch of Amazon Global Store on 11STREET brings together the best of 11STREET’s local know-how and Amazon’s global retailing experience.”

Amazon Global Store was launched jointly with 11STREET, which means customers have to sign up for 11STREET to place an order.

On the same day the Amazon Global Store was launched, SK Telecom, which operates 11STREET, also unveiled the “Universe Pass Mini” and “Universe Pass All”.

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The two passes are more affordable versions of the monthly subscription-based service by offering free shipping to members regardless of the product’s price, though benefits are subject to change in the future, according to 11STREET.

The passes also give access to Korea’s streaming platform Wavve, while the premium plan offers access to a wide range of subscription-based services including music streaming service FLO.

(Source: Korea Herald)