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Ainz & Tulpe to open in Malaysia

Ainz & Tulpe, the cosmetics and lifestyle drugstore chain run by Ain Pharmaciez, will open its first store overseas in May. The new store will be located in Kuala Lumpur alongside a new Tsutaya bookstore.

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Ainz & Tulpe was wildly popular with tourists visiting Japan before the pandemic, and Ain hopes to make up some ground by opening in Asia. Ain is Japan’s largest prescription drug pharmacy chain and the Ainz & Tulpe sub-chain is something of a side business, making up less than ten percent of overall turnover.

The overseas opening is significant as, despite operating in Japan for close to 15 years and building a chain of 74 stores, the format remains pretty much unique at home. No other local drugstore has developed a chain targeted at cosmetics and lifestyle health products alone.

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The Malaysian store will sell Ayura and Dazzshop cosmetics brands, both owned by Ain, alongside 20 other Japanese made lines. 

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