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AEON Stores opens new concept Mono Mono at Lohas Park in Hong Kong

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AEON Stores announced that it has opened Mono Mono, its first lifestyle specialty store based on the new concept of “Green.Happy Living” at Lohas Park Store in Hong Kong.

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Apart from providing a wide range of quality daily necessities and convenience goods, the new store brings quality life and leisure goods that incorporate healthy, eco-friendly, innovative and interesting elements which will meet and satisfy customers’ pursuit of a healthy and sustainable living. It offers value-for-money top-notch quality products to customers at reasonable prices.

Mono Mono
Source: Aeon

With its special emphasis on “Green.Happy Living” lifestyle, the Mono Mono Lohas Park Store introduces a wide selection of healthy, eco-friendly and popular quality goods imported from Japan. It also offers a collection of its own brands, including “TOPVALU GREENEYE” food products that developed to address concerns over health and the environment, the Group’s largest lifestyle brand in Hong Kong, “HÓME CÓORDY” household products, as well as the affordable but premium “Living PLAZA” products. These products will meet Hong Kong customers’ constant desire to go shopping in Japan even amid the pandemic. The new store offers a wide range of products at affordable prices, including the “Green.Happy living” lifestyle proposal that meet varied customer needs.

Mr. Isei Nakagawa, Managing Director of AEON Stores, said, “To meet the changing needs of customers and complement the concept of healthy and sustainable life at The LOHAS, we have opened ‘Mono Mon’ , the first lifestyle specialty store with ‘Green.Happy Living’ as its concept. The new store brings together a series of unique and popular AEON own brands, offering a wide range of foods, daily necessaries and household goods, in order to bring customers a new and comprehensive life proposal.”

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“The outbreak of COVID-19 has brought unprecedented challenges across the world. In Hong Kong, people’s lifestyles have changed a lot due to the pandemic and they now spend more time working and cooking at home. As such, the new store focuses on presenting a wide range of green and healthy foods, nutrition and health products, comfortable bedding furniture, convenient cooking products and storage supplies, as well as an assortment of brain games suitable for home leisure to make home life more fun and exciting. Since we are engaged in retail business that is closely linked to the daily life of citizens in the community, we will continue to initiate reforms by keeping abreast of the latest trends and fulfilling our ‘Everything we do, we do for our customers’ service credo as we constantly aim to bring more enjoyable and fun surprises to our customers in the days to come,” continued Mr. Isei Nakagawa.