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Hong Kong Mystery Shopping Survey – October 2009

According to the results of Synovate’s Hong Kong Mystery Shopping study, almost two-thirds of consumers think mystery shopping provides an important way for key service industries to monitor their service levels and compliance standards. Mystery shopping programmes involve professional reviewers posing as normal customers to provide detailed feedback of their service experiences.

The industries that most people think need mystery shopping programmes are government departments (indicated by 74 percent of consumers), telecom service providers (73 percent), and banks (70 percent).

Synovate surveyed over 900 people in Hong Kong to learn more about consumers’ confidence in certain industries as well as their support for mystery shopping programmes.

The survey found that banks are doing well in the quality of service they provide. This industry had the least amount of consumers – only 31 percent – stating that performance was either "fair" or "very bad".

Consumers had the least confidence, meanwhile, in beauty/slimming centres, with almost three-quarters (73 percent) rating their overall service performance as either "fair" or "very bad".

Sixty-seven percent of consumers said they would be confident about the service quality of companies using mystery shopping programmes, while such companies were rated as "professional" and "reliable" by 66 and 62 percent of respondents respectively.

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