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Hermès opens flagship store in Beijing, China


On 30th April 2021, Hermès unveiled a new flagship store in Beijing’s bustling business district, at the renowned China World Trade Centre.

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This new home unites a reverence for the local artistic heritage and exceptional know-how with the architectural codes, characteristic of the original Faubourg Saint-Honoré store, to create a unique experience in which to discover the sixteen métiers of the Parisian house.

Spanning two floors and more than 900 square meter, the store’s first distinctive feature is the eye-catching façade that beckons from afar. The 11m-high storefront is a technical feat of engineering and craftsmanship cast in undulating, engraved double-glass panels, which evokes a forest of bamboo. Translucent and lit in warm, golden hues, it appears to vibrate amongst the reflective cityscape of glass skyscrapers.

Inside, Parisian architecture agency RDAI has designed an open plan and fluid layout, awash with a feeling of lightness and tranquillity. The enchanting design and ambiance are informed by the vaporous sensibility, nuanced pastels and mineral hues, like celadon and gold, of traditional etchings and paintings. Numerous bespoke design details were realised via a tremendous collaborative process with local craftsmen, such as the nuanced terrazzo floors, the renowned Faubourg Saint-Honoré mosaics, hand-fashioned furnishings and cabinetry.

From the interior of the mall, customers arrive in the lively silk universe, which opens into dedicated perfume and fashion jewellery displays. From here, there is a sweeping view from one side of the store through men’s ready-to-wear to men’s silk and accessories, where another entrance arrives from the street. For added privacy and bespoke customer service, a men’s made-to-measure salon is set off to the side. A majestic split staircase which grants visitors a vast perspective of the two levels of the store and which is backed by a 3D plaster wall fashioned in vertical forms that echo the façade leads to up the larger second floor.

Customers alight here in the leather goods universe, an inviting and spacious salon that highlights the latest creations of this métier. Off to the right is the generous women’s universe that features ready-to-wear and shoe salons, along with spacious fitting rooms and a private VIP room. To the left of the leather goods is the equestrian collection – the original métier of the house – which leads to the watches and jewellery, set against a backdrop of hand-painted velvet wallpaper that highlights the precious nature and meticulously detailed skill of these métiers. This is followed by the home collections with their selection of elegant homewares, tableware and furniture, and, finally, the third store entrance.

Throughout the double-storey space, a carefully curated selection of art illuminates the relationship between Hermès and China. There are also two commissioned artworks of note: a vivid equestrian-inspired triptych by French artist Jean-Louis Sauvat that sits almost suspended from the wall above the staircase and an entrancing ink drawing by Chinese artist Li Xin in the perfume area. To inaugurate the store, a selection of special objects is available, including a Coup de Fouet Tattoo silk scarf in two exclusive colours and two Kelly 25 bags with the Eperon d’Or design in leather marquetry.

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The new Hermès Beijing China World store invites exploration and discovery, where local customers and visitors will enjoy this unique, tailor-made setting and discover the harmony between history and know-how and a contemporary creative spirit.